1. More than 10,000 shipping containers are lost at sea every year!
  2. 97% of all shipping containers are made in China.
  3. There are currently over 17 million shipping containers in the world, and five to six million of them are currently shipping around the world.  They make about 200 million trips a year.
  4. 95% of the world’s cargo moves by ship.
  5. Shanghai, China was the busiest container port in the world in 2014. 35 million 20’ equivalent containers passed through the port.
  6. The port of Los Angeles processes 6,500,000 annually, ranking it #17 in the world and #1 in the United States.
  7. Cargo transported in containers by the liner shipping industry represents about one-third of the value of total global trade.  This is more than $4.6 trillion worth of goods.
  8. Pirates are real! In fact, the rate of pirate attacks outside of Somalia is higher than the crime rate in South Africa.
  9. The world’s largest container ships are about 1,300 ft long and have engines weighing about 2,300 tons and propellers that weigh 130 tons.  Each ship has about 1000 x more power than an average family car and there are about 21 stories between their bridge and their engine room.
  10. To build the biggest ships to coast along the world’s oceans it can cost in excess of 200 million US dollars.
  11. Ships are operated with sophisticated computers and are operated by as few as just thirteen people!
  12. The largest container ships can carry the equivalent of 15,500 20’ containers!

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