We have one trip, "new" and cargo worthy, used containers for sale. 


What is the difference between a wind and water tight container and a cargo worthy container besides the price?


  • Wind and water tight containers have simply been retired by the ship line because of age.  There is no guarantee as to their condition because they haven't been inspected.  You are essentially "rolling the dice" when you purchase one of these because you might wind up with one that is water tight but then again, you may not. 


  • A cargo worthy container is one that has been inspected by the depot and is "graded" based on the container's condition.  You don't have to "roll the dice" on these containers because they are guaranteed to be water tight with the door seals in good shape and floors in cargo worthy condition.  The price difference between a wind and water tight vs a cargo worthy container is usually only a couple hundred dollars and we believe worth it for the guarantee.  This is the reason we prefer to sell cargo worthy containers.


Standard sizes are:


8' x 8' 6" x 20' cargo worthy used 

8' x 8' 6" x 20' one trip ("new") 


8' x 8' 6" x 40' cargo worthy used 

8' x 9' 6" x 40' cargo worthy used 

8' x 8' 6" x 40' one trip ("new")


*Please call for availability and pricing*


Specialty sizes, doors at both ends, high cube, etc. are offered and priced based on availability at time of request.  Call or email us today for availability and specialty container pricing!


* Delivery rates are based on mileage from Cambridge, Ohio



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